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Meet The Team

Amy Epsly, Office Manager

Amy is the office manager and chief whip cracker. She is the person who will see your sale through from the very first offer, to absolute completion as well as dealing with everything in between. Solicitors love her because she does most of their work for them in order to complete your sale and get you moving. No wonder she receives so many cards, flowers and choccies from satisfied customers.

Colin Harney, Senior Manager

Colin is our Senior Valuer and founder of PDQ Homes. He is a great leader and all of the staff follow his hard working, customer focused, down to earth attitude. With over 20 years of industry knowledge Colin is fazed by nothing and is always at hand to help staff, customers and the local community. Colin has made it possible for PDQ Homes to help many local business and charities and is always up for a great night out.

Samantha Townsend, Sales Manager

Sam is our Sales Manager who will stop at nothing to sell your home for you. With years of estate agency experience she will match our database clients perfectly to your home and obtain as many viewings as is humanly possible at a rapid rate of knots. But be careful if there's a karaoke about because her 'Pass the Duchie' number is legendary.

Danielle Hill, Property Negotiator

Danielle will see your tenancy application through from the very beginning until the day you move in. She arranges regular inspections and gas safety certificates on all of our managed properties and will deal with the energy suppliers on your behalf. When she finds time in her hectic schedule she makes the best cakes in the North East.

Emma Elliot, Valuer

Emma is one of our property valuers (the best looking one apparently) and all round sales negotiator, as well as being the office dictionary. Whatever you do, don’t make a spelling mistake, or she’ll have you!! Emma will work until she drops to get your house on the market and that board up as soon as is humanly possible. When she’s not working hard she spends the rest of her time either helping Iron Man into his costume or being accosted by a battalion of storm troopers.

Jane Pack – Property Negotiator

Jane is one of our property negotiators and she will ensure that your property has plenty of viewings booked as soon as it hits the market. Her great organisational and time management skills help the office tick along nicely. When she's not booking viewings and organising the office, she likes to turn her hand to sketching and can bake a pretty mean cake too!